To summarize myself in one sentence would be difficult, so I won’t even bother. I’m a 20-something student, teacher and an IT enthusiast. I have experience in penetration testing (got my OSWP a few months ago, not much experience beyond that), translation/interpretation (no, I won’t tell you what books I translated) and self defense. I used to have privacy issues, and sometimes, I still do. I’m sorry if my rants seem too inconsistent, I’m trying as hard as I can to give just enough away without doxxing myself completely.

After finishing high school, I spent 5 years in a program I enjoyed at first, but all that went away. I got practice in stuff I would need in that career, which is when I got smacked in the face with ALL the theory. Literally, all of it, in two semesters. This is when I got my issues. I was depressed, I was really down in the dumps, but I drudged on. After 5 years (yes, YEARS) I gave up.

Parents always told me that without a university education, I’d be nothing in life. This is why I started reflecting upon my life. What did I genuinely enjoy doing? What did I do when I had to write theses for my current uni?

I was tinkering with computers. I was setting up stuff for myself and people around me. I was reading up on privacy issues, feeding my IT paranoia. I got a boatload of books on pentesting (Metasploit, the paperback Nmap book, some others). This love of security started all the way back in high school, where I was the edgy kid with an old-as-dirt Ubuntu laptop. I even installed Kali Linux and used it as an everyday OS. That is some bismuth-level edge.

So my choice was clear. I knew something about computers, I could do this. So I enrolled into a new university, Information Technology. This is where I am now.

So, what can you expect from this blog?

  • Computer rants
  • Privacy rants
  • Security rants
  • Teacher rants
  • Student rants
  • To-do lists
  • Occasional poetry
  • Occasional strong language

To close, if you found this blog accidentally, I hope you enjoy yourself. If you need to contact me and tell me what a fake I am, my XMPP server is open to you!

Happy reading!