Post office ramble 2: Electric boogaloo

There are layers to security.

You can pick and choose who you want to protect from. You may choose a path that hides you in one spot but not the other, you may choose to hide from both.

Along the line, there are several actors that come into play to get your package to you: First, there’s the seller. He may be across town, across the country, across the world from you. I don’t really care about what they know. Usually, I buy from Mom&Pop shops online, so lockpicking supplies, books, shit like that.

Important point: The salesman knows your payment information. If you use paypal, they know. If you use your card, they know. The only way to hide this information is paying cash on delivery. This is more costly for me, but it’s not a lot to keep your payment info secret.

Then there’s the delivery company. They don’t get my payment information. The only thing they have is a name and address to deliver my package to. In this case, some no-name bookshop that contracted with the delivery company to lend them a piece of their storage space. This is the place where I put my face. Some clerk will see my face, remember me (I found out I’m really memorable, it’s a curse) and hand me a package from XYZ lockpicks. This is where I don’t want my name, because people seem to remember me no matter how much I try. One time, I went to the same place after a solid year of being away. What did I hear right when I came there? Welcome back, you were here in December last year, right? Fuck that.

Lastly, there is the payment company. Depending on how you pay, they may or may not have access to all this information. I know for a fact that Paypal passes its info on to my bank. So the only solution to be safe on all sides is to use cash on delivery.

…which is what I did not do. I paid via PayPal, because it was easier. I used namegen, I got a bullshit billing address, but I used paypal, so it was partially for naught on part of the seller. But I will be smarter. Next time, I will do better.

The more I look into this whole privacy topic, the more I realize that you can buy privacy. It’s just all about finding the best bang for your buck.

I have given up on hiding from everyone. As Snowden said: If the NSA wants to pop my box, they’ll just do it. My concern should be more local. Solicitors, spammers, scammers, debt collectors (although there are none now), shit like that.

We have learned, time and time again, that no data gets deleted. Someone will have it. If I make myself public once, I cannot take it back. I assume someone with enough time, money and resources will find me. But fuck me if I’ll make it too easy for them.

This is not an invitation to hack me. I know you, the reader, probably could do it. I’m not the best, but I’m doing the best I can considering my possibilities.

One day, I might publish my name, when it’s worth it for me to merge this branch. For now, I’ll only be m4iler for you. The guy you read about, the guy you met on Mastodon one day. I could copy everything from every other platform to here, but hey, if you’re looking to see who I am, why should I hand you everything on a silver platter?

I like you. That’s why I’m writing this, for you to read. If you weren’t here, why would I be writing this?