Who and what I am

m4iler took a personality test

EDITOR’S NOTE This sounds like a whole lot of jacking off in my blog, but I find that it may be useful to consciously reflect upon these skills in writing. WARNING: Loads of paragraphs on nothing interesting.

Well, I promised to talk about my results from a personality test and what I’m currently doing with them. So here we go. My top 5 personality traits, what they mean, and what I’m planning for the future and how I’ll direct my life around these results.

Would you believe a horoscope?

One thing I asked myself the second I got the record and started reading was “Is there any red flag this may be complete bullshit?”

I used to do cold reading when I was in school, it was just kids’ fun, but it taught me a lot about human nature and how people lie to gullible folk. The method of cold reading, in essence, presents facts that apply to the majority of people, but does so in a way that seems very unique and precise to only the person you’re talking to. I’ll talk a bit about how to cold-read later, but now to our topic: My personality test

What makes me tick? What makes me happy?

When I got the result, I was told I should build on my top 10 strengths. These strengths are something I can work and I have a large chance of becoming super effective. To prevent any “hey, what test is it” moments, it’s Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0.

My first, strongest trait came out as Individualization. What that gives me is a +10 on teambuilding and finding out how different team members can work together and give their best. Apart from this, I was told that numbers speak to me. I love numbers and I enjoy interpreting data.

Needless to say it hit me like a bag of bricks. When I was reading this, a colleague needed help with something, so I helped them and when I came back to read the next paragraph, it read: Chances are good that you usually stop what you are doing and thinking to hear what someone wants to tell you. Your patience and your willingness to be attentive help individuals deal with their problems, vent their frustrations, and test their ideas. Absolutely amazing.

Okay, second one is Developer. This should be that I am good at developing people. I bring out the best in people and help them advance. It was really spot on, but it is one of my traits that presents itself in a bad way. I usually cannot hang on to money because “I want to make people around me happy”. It happened that I bought a magazine for my nephew and then had no money for bus fare the rest of the week.

Another downside of the developer trait is that I sometimes kick myself for others failing. That is what was happening to me when I was a teacher. I used to spend hours thinking about failing students and how I would be able to bring out their best skills. If I can do it, everyone should be able to!

Third on the list is Analytical. The TL;DR of this trait is “You’re high-functioning autistic and you notice patterns everywhere.” It even told me you feel happy when you can analyze data and find out why something is happening. This actually fits very well and I can work on my analysis skills to develop myself. I was also told I don’t give a fuck about peoples’ feelings. True.

Number four is Strategic. What is that, you ask? I can solve problems quickly, I think logically and I find out-of-the-box solutions to any problem I may encounter. So far so regular. One thing that hit home, however, was the section “How you may develop your skill”:

Strengthen the groups you belong to by using your talent to discover the best path to success. Because you can do this quickly, it may look as if you are “winging it,” so explain yourself along the way to help others understand what you see.

This is really on the dot. I always feel like I’m gliding through life a little too easily. I either fail horribly or ace shit. This job? I doubted I would get it, but it seems I made the cut. Basically winged it.

This is getting hella long, so I’ll just talk about the ones I noticed in myself from now on, and name the others just with a few words.

No.5: Input: I love learning shit. Anything. That’s true, I loved reading encyclopaediae as a kid.

No.6: Restorative: I am adept at solving problems. This is actually something I noticed in my life. I always wanted to be the problem-solver. I wanted to be the guy people call when they are losing their mind. I had a taste for this a few years ago.

Around midnight, I get a call from my GF. She told me her colleague from a language course got lost in town and couldn’t find her way back. GF can’t read maps, her friend didn’t know where she was. What I found out was that the lady was VERY confused. I got a number, called it, and long story short, I got the lady an ambulance that found her based on what I gave them and all ended well. I felt ever-powerful. Imagine Wolf from Pulp Fiction. That is who I was at that moment. That is who I want to be.

No.7: Relator: Gives me a +10 when working in a team

No.8: Deliberative: I anticipate issues. That is true. My main issue with this is that sometimes, my anticipation goes so far as to hinder me from doing something well, because there are so many what if’s in my head that I cannot get myself to do anything. I should start relying on my gut feeling.

No.9: Empathy: Yeah, basically what it says on the tin. I can really get into people’s heads, I know what makes them tick. This might give me a social engineering advantage, so I’ll work on this.

No.10: Learner: Basically a ditto to Input.

So this is my personality in a nutshell. I’ll work on these skills and try to leverage them, to become the best me I can.

So, was it wank?

Well, still unsure if it wasn’t a load of bollocks, but seeing the description was nothing like a horoscope, I’d say it’s pretty accurate. Also, seeing as I consciously came to the same conclusions as I read in the report before I actually did the test leads me to believe it hit home in the majority of the cases. And if it isn’t, what does it matter? I can develop these skills because it seems like sound advice.